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The Art of Leadership through Public Relations

The pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the increasing pace and impact of climate change have brought significant new challenges to leaders of nations, organizations, and professions. These events have changed the way we work, trade and live our lives. They have also changed the expectations on how our leaders must communicate. Stakeholders now expect leaders to have a clear and transparent position on all the key areas that matter most to them.

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Global Perspective

Patrik has devoted his career to identifying emerging communications trends and then helping the PR and communication industry capitalize on them. His leadership roles for key local and global organizations provide him with a unique global perspective.

Tool for real leaders

The Art of Leadership is a guide to how leaders and organizations need to prepare for and capitalize on emerging communications trends to enhance their leadership position.  


The book is divided into nine parts, each focusing on one key predictions to the future from expert futurologists. Patrik then offers his solution to the predictions to help leaders on their leadership journey. 

About the book

How Does the book help?

The book covers ten key predictions about the future of communication and Patrik’s guidance of how to use the predictions to achieve leadership. 

You will learn how the organizations will become most trusted in the future, what channels to use to achieve leadership, how to ensure that every cent you spend turns into a leadership dollar, how to satisfy customers’ desire to save the planet, how to turn your workplace in an inspiring place for talents and which processes you will need to change or delete to enable you deliver more value from less effort.

The book - The art of leadership through public relations
"This forward-thinking book offers practical guidance for leaders navigating our rapidly changing world. It features insights from leading industry experts on critical issues like building trust or communication strategies."

Stefan Pollack

The Pollack Group

"The Art of Leadership Through Public Relations is a great business book. It's full of terrific information about leadership in PR, and how it can be applied to many other types of industries. Take my advice, this book is a must read."

Roger Hurni

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The Art of Leadership Through Public Relations: The future of Effective Communication is Patrik’s first book. In this book, Patrik helps leaders communicate in the right way at the right time. Each chapter addresses a single question that prepares leaders for future challenges, such as: How will organizations become more trusted in the future? How will you ensure every cent you spend turns into a leadership dollar? How will you satisfy consumers’ desire to save the planet? The world is changing and leadership communication must change with it.

About author

About Patrik Schober

Patrik Schober, the current Managing Partner of key PR agency in the Czech Republic, has always been active in educating people working in communication. He does that through seminars, keynotes, but also he provides tailor made workshops to companies and their leaders. 

Over the time, Patrik saw that after many years of coming with new trends, there is a need to bring an actual guidebook for leaders to help them overcome current global challenges and push their companies forward in the right direction. That is why he asked several globally recognized experts to provide their thoughts and addressed these thoughts with real life changing guidelines.

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Frequently asked questions

Patrik has devoted his whole career to companies that need guidance in their race towards leadership. He does it by mapping the company and creating a tailor made guidance towards leadership. Therefore, Patrik decided to prepare a set of predictions and guides for individuals and companies to achieve leadability in the future.

Because Patrik originally comes from the Czech Republic, he decided to make a Czech version of the book too.

Patrik is used to being invited to several conferences or webinars to present his thoughts from the book. Feel free to contact us and we will help you arrange his presentation.

Patrik is not only a PR specialist, more importantly, he is a business man in his heart. He guided multiple CEOs from large global companies, from media training to helping them prepare complex strategy.

The book is divided into ten chapters. Each focusing on one topic, where Patrik provides his expert knowledge. Also, the book is based on dialogues with world well known professionals. This makes book a perfect study material, which is at the same time very much readable.

If you want to order more books for your students, or employees, please contact us int he contact form.

The book is a guidance for both. If you are a leader, we suggest to read the book first and then have a class with Patrik, that suits you the best. IF you are a company, we suggest to let leaders read the book and order some classes for the employees. In your Dashboard, you can monitor how many classes you bought and how many were done by your employees.

The book is designed for everyone who wants to achieve leadership. Whether you are PR Manager, Marketing Manager, HR Manager, Sales Manager, or any of C-level management, this book will help you grow.

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