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in their leadership journey

How we do it

Patrik started his Leadership Journey Initiative as a way to share his work with as many people as possible. Today, it became a teaching platform that offers skill and ideas that help advance leaders around the world.


Our Courses

Public Relations

Our PR courses are designed to help beginners and experts to lay the foundations for a leadership position.


Our leadership classes are designed to create and sustain leadership position for you and your organization on the market.


Our business classes are designed to support business growth by giving you the skills to protect and promote.


CSR campaign, Reputation Analysis, Sustainability Report, HR campaign and many more are gaining more importance.

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Keynote Speeches
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Popular questions

Frequently asked questions

We would recommend to first read Patrik’s book, then to purchase classes. But if you want some recommendation, Social Selling is quite a hit!

Absolutely! If you are a company willing to provide workshops to all departments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly via Contact form.

We are always looking to add more class options to accommodate our global audience. Patrik’s classes are primarily in English.

Yes, Patrik offers time slots for keynotes, conferences, but more importantly, he is open to travel to your company and provide a live session. See the conditions.

It depends on your needs, but still, Patrik always tends to measure the impact his activity has on the company or individual. Therefore, expect to be setting your goals prior any in-company workshops.

Patrik is offering his books during his keynote speeches and conferences. Feel free to contact us via Contact form.